Fellowship International Chaplains Alliance  and Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary inc. are not endowed, or subsidized by any foundations or other institutions or organizations, and though we entertain the lofty ideals and aspirations of acquiring and maintaining a “world serving, inexhaustible”  inventory of Bibles, Tracts, St. John’s Gospels, other Christian Literature in various languages and other materials and resources incidental to the work of this ministry, our only means of support comes from our membership and faithful stewards like you who are sympathetic to this great cause of Christ, and are willing to be an integral part of it.

      You may make your Tax Deductible donation of  any amount here by clicking on the “donation” button below, and by utilizing any credit or debit card, just follow the instructions on the Pay-pal page to which you will be escorted. May God continue to bless you richly.

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